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Instructions for use
When starting, the discipline, age and gender are automatically set to 100 metres for men under 31 years of age.
The required discipline, age or gender can be selected with the mouse cursor.
Entering the time/distance is done by overwriting the values already shown.

After pressing the “Calculate” key the points and the real value are calculated and shown on the screen.
Pressing the “Clear” key sets the form back to the initial settings.(100m, men, < “31” years)
If one only wants to change one or two parameters for a next result the “Clear” key does not have to be used.
After changing the appropriate parameters press the “Calculate” key to show the new result.

Even more options:
One can freeze a result obtained by selecting “Calculate Time/Distance”.
This result can then be compared with any conceivable combination.

You are a 58-year-old man and have run 100 metres in 13.88 sec. The result is 666 points and the real value is 11.90 sec.
Then select Age “59” years, “Calculate Time/Distance” and press the “Calculate” key.
13.99 sec. is the time you will have to run next year to perform equally well. The real value remains unchanged.
You want to know how far a 40-year-old woman must jump to equal your performance of 666 points.
Select Gender “Female” followed by the discipline “Long Jump”.
Leave “Calculate Time/Distance”, set Age “40” years and press the “Calculate” key.
The distance requested, 5.26 metres, is shown on the screen. The real value is also shown: 5.72 metres.

The order of entering the parameters is not important, as long as you do not forget to enter any of them.

For more information please refer to the User Manual or contact us using the Contact page.